Om deze verbinding tot stand te brengen is dit pad nodig: //192.168…./music met de admin als inlog. Met de standaard SMB settings werkt dit niet maar met onderstaande tip wel:

Sonos insist you use an old, dated, much less secure file sharing protocol that even the developer suggest should be disabled. As above, maybe you need to allow it on your NAS – although that’s not the usual error for SMB..
On the NAS, check Control Panel – File Services – Advanced Settings and minimum SMB protocol. Make sure it’s at the lowest security level that is SMB 1.0 (if you wish to continue to use the NAS to share the music).
(If this is the issue, I’d suggest creating a new user on the NAS (sonos?) and giving it read only access to the music share. Use these credentials when adding the share in Sonos.)